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The Physician’s Assistant swung his chair around to face me after studying the numbers on his computer monitor. His eyes locked into mine as he said, “You have diabetes.” My heart sank knowing my husband and I were leaving within a week for a 17-day cruise. “Now what!”, I said to myself. PA continued to tick off the rest of the bad news. My cholesterol was dangerously high, my thyroid numbers continued to show up bad. And speaking of thyroid, the ultrasound results showed a second node on the left side and the large node on the right was growing. He wrote prescriptions for appropriate drugs to deal with the diseases he had found and told me I needed to see an endocrinologist for the thyroid. I was already on a natural hormone for that but scared to think of the changes in the nodes. I was told to have more lab work done in 3 months and to make an appointment to come back for the results. That was it. No help. Just bad news…next patient.


I drove home holding in my tears, but as soon as I sat down to tell hubby what had transpired they started to flow. I tried to piece together what I had just heard, and of course, our minds immediately searched for a solution. But I couldn’t find one. I had tried Weight Watchers in the past and had been seeing a good hormone doctor for the past year and a half who put me on the right track with tons of supplements and advice about dieting. But I wasn’t able to stay with any of the solutions I had tried. Here I was again, out of control. That night I prayed a desperate prayer.

“Help me Lord, I can’t do this on my own!”

God is not only good He has a great sense of humor, and He answers prayer. My hormone doctor put me on an elimination diet and had shown me a picture of what my plate should look like for all my meals. One third protein and all the rest fruits and/or vegetables. I pictured myself on a cruise with great chefs and tons of meal options, so I knew I could eat right for the next 17 days. That was my plan and it was a good one. When I got home I was 6 pounds lighter….but now what???

That’s when I began to see how God had answered my prayer. Our table mates on board the ship were two ladies from Florida. While getting to know one another they told us about this great coach from their church who counseled one of them in diet and fitness. Through her coaching one of the ladies had been able to reverse diabetes and heart disease and she had started out with some serious problems. They had both lost an amazing amount of weight and through diet change and fitness training they were still dropping weight, feeling fit and full of vim and vigor.

The rest of the story is my answer to prayer. Eileen has been my life line to good health and the reversal of the diseases I had. My story of a Paleo lifestyle begins.

The Rest of My Story

After I finished unpacking I looked up Eileen’s website. We emailed back and forth. I was impressed with her compassion and her knowledge. It was so good to connect with a caring, Christian woman who understood where I was coming from and who knew how to get me out of the quagmire I was in. Here was my helping hand.

I signed up for Eileen’s coaching. I learned what to eat and what not to eat based on the glycemic index. She gave me tasty recipes and let me tell you that in the beginning, recipes that taste good are key. I learned to read labels when I shopped, I learned to revamp old recipes or modify them with healthy choices. Reminders to “make healthy choices” are one of Eileen’s hammer blows. I heard that a lot! I still do!

I’ll write a section on fitness next, but she understood my physical limitations and would not let me slide on the exercising issues. I signed up at a reputable gym, sent away for a bathing suit and started aqua aerobics 3 times a week. That made a huge difference in how I felt. It was amazing. On the days I’m not in the pool, I ride a reclining exercise bike.

“Metabolism!” “Fuel that metabolism every two and a half hours!” “Healthy choices!” “Read those labels!” She made out a whole month’s meal plan for me so I could see what it looks like to eat healthy and every two and a half hours. And why I would want to eat low on the glycemic index and why and how I would keep my body alkaline. And if/when I slipped off track she put me back.

Today I weigh 41 pounds less. My endocrinologist (whom I found on my own) has taken me off the diabetes medicine because my diabetes is gone. My cholesterol is at a healthy level for the first time in my adult life. My thyroid numbers are normal while taking the hormones. And the good news is that’s not good enough for Eileen! She wants more from me. She wants me at my desired weight for my height. She wants me off all drugs and she wants excellent health for me. She believes I can do better.

Be careful what you pray for! God loves us so much He not only answers our prayers, He sends us our heart’s desires. AND He knows them before we do.

Mary B.








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