“I have have had the pleasure of knowing Eileen for several years know. We met at a CrossFit box where I was working as an instructor. It’s  because of Eileen, that I learned about healthy eating. As an athlete and a coach I must eat for performance. I can honestly say, I noticed a huge difference in my athletic ability  once I got my nutrition in line with my training. My energy level became consistent throughout the day and I know longer felt tired mid afternoon.

I am blessed that Eileen took the time to school me on paleo nutrition. I’ve  been able to take this knowledge and  share it with my own clients  and athletes. As a result they live happier and healthier lives. Thanks Eileen!”

  Francine D.

“I recently attended a class with Eileen Forte. It was incredible… I learned more in that hour and half then I did with weeks exploring health on the internet.” Corrine F.

“I am writing this review to show my appreciation to Eileen Forte.  In January of this year frustrated with yet another diet I had just started, I met Eileen, and discussed with her weight loss problems, high sugar levels and swelling in my joints.

Eileen told me she could help improve and maybe even cure my problems.  To my surprise she opened my eyes about all the processed foods I was eating and how I could improve the way I was feeling, as well as lose weight.  With Eileen’s support an knowledge, I am now twenty-five pounds lighter and feel 100% better then I have in years.

If you are looking to get your life on track and feel better, I highly recommend contacting Forte Health and Nutrition.”    Sam M.

“Waking up feeling good, sleeping well, high energy throughout the day, being able to do the things I did when I was nine!  Thank you Eileen Forte.”  Robert J.

Eileen is like a dog with a bone.  She just won’t let go.  She’s going to fight with you and she’s going to fight for you.  One way or another you’re going to get healthier.  “I achieved better results that I expected. Today, two months later, I’ve lost 25 pounds.  My aches and pains are gone, being replaced by an abundance of energy.  I’m much happier.”   Joe S.

“So, you think that going gluten free might be hard and time consuming… You wouldn’t be more wrong! I am a high school PE teacher and head athletic trainer so I start my day at 6am and won’t stop until 5pm-10pm depending on game schedules. I am loving the eating plan Eileen has created for me, and if I can make time so can you! Eileen is helpful and full of wonderful knowledge to get you through! My students and my coworkers are encouraging and noticing my transformation before their eyes. If you are struggling with commitment to an eating plan and want amazing help, try Forte Health and Nutrition! If you commit to this lifestyle you will see yourself transform right before your eyes! Thank you Eileen!!!!”  Sara S.